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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

MMU's Xm Blues

What's love without care? What's care without loyalty?
What's loyalty without patience? What's patience
without understanding? What's understanding without
friendship? What's friendship without YOU?

Days are empty when I don't hear from you. Just a
simple "Hello" and my worries are through. Why do I
feel this? I think I have a clue. Because I'm glad I
have a friend like you.

If I have to spend my life thinking, I'll think of
you. If I have to cry my tears, I'll cry for you. If I
have to give up my wings, I'll forever walk with you.
But if I have to lose a friend...Hope it won't be you.

Dak-dak MMU tengah tension nak exam nih. Memacam cara lepas tension. From shaz (dear darlin' shazwani) i got endless poems and whatnots. Akak copy & paste kat sini. Jiwang sey!

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